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Corporate events

Specialist of the organisation of corporate events, Signé Rochefort is a team of qualify persons surrounded by professionnals in the industry of events to assure the best. Corporate anniversary-inauguration-employee recognition-mobilisation activity-Annual general assembly-cocktail-philanthropic activitiy-press conference-christmas party-conferences-diverse thematic-colloquium. You don’t have time nor the ideas, or a really good idea, but you can’t take care of the organisation of the event ? Signé Rochefort will save you from puzzles and headaches. You only have to establish the budget. ( from 1000$ to infinity)and make a liste of guests and we will take care of the rest of the conception and the realisation.

You will then be able to enjoy the event with your guests.Signé Rochefort offers a lot of services :

  • Promotionnal objects
  • Conferences
  • Material location
  • Fourniture
  • Decoration
  • Sonorisation
  • Lightning

You have accepted a Honnorary presidence, but sadly even with all the money invested, you and your team can’t take care of it ? Signé Rochefort is offering to you its service by taking care of it :

  • Participate to the meetings with the organisation group (if needed)
  • Making sure that the expectations of the organisation group for the honnorary president will be achieve
  • Making sure that the expectations for the Honnorary President are achieve also
  • Preparing the word for the president for the program of the event
  • Writing of the speech of the honnorary president
  • Write the press release (diffusion before and after)
  • Making sure that the mediatic coverage is adequate